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Head-On (2004)

Great Nudity!

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Families, with their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, and all the rest, can really interfere with a young woman’s pursuit of liberty, love, and a hard, clean climax. The exploratory femme whose burgeoning sexuality and power-seeking consciousness collide with the expectations and demands of her kin in Head-On (2004) is a Turkish Muslim living in Germany. The would-be rebel goes to desperate measures to squirm out from under the thumb of her blood relations, including attempted suicide. In the hospital where she is held until her health stabilizes, she meets a male Turk whose life expectancy is as grim as her own. She persuades him to marry her, with the understanding that she is only entering the nuptials as a means to be free from her family meddling in order to screw every man she wants. The arrangement cannot last without love intruding and turning her every conception upside down.