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Harvest Lake

Harvest Lake (2016)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by: Scott Schirmer
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 03/12/2016
  • Country: USA
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Top Scene


Harvest Lake (2016) is about five friends whose lives unravel after they all fall under the seductive spell of a libidinous alien - a powerful creature from another world who is driven by its strong sexual tendencies. Mr. Skin would absolutely fall for the libidinous after seeing the opening shot of the lustful Lucretia Lynn walking into the lake in her barely-there bikini. She then makes a guy chase her through the woods for what has to be a lucky romp! Lucretia pulls her bikini top down to show off a glorious bit of left side-boob. She gets under her man to enjoy a good screw and show off her honkers head on! Then the camera goes blurry when she crawls on all fours towards the camera, her breasts still visible. The camera gets into better focus and it's dark bush time! Lucretia shows off every angle of her body throughout the film from her firm buns when she lies next to a guy to more full frontal fabulousness as she walks through the woods. She's not the only one who gets to have naked fun. Ellie Church and Tristan Risk look flirty in their bikinis and Tristan even reveals some buttcrack in hers. Tristan later gets on top of a guy in her bikini to start gettin' it on. Ellie Church gets naughty too when she goes into the lake to masturbate! Later Ellie and Tristan come out of the house in their bra and panties and start a threesome with one lucky fella - these two can't be satiated! It might be dark, but Tristan gets choked by - a giant tentacle out of Ellie's mouth! Girls, behave! That's not the only threesome in this sexy flick. Tristan has a sultry standing threesome in the woods, showing off great shots of her buns while she has her fun. Ellie walks around the woods in a bedsheet that scantily covers her bra and panties, showing glimpses of both until she takes it off to walk straight into the lake! Mr. Skin wants to run in after her. The film ends with Tristan and Elli standing next to the sea monster, giving glimpses of their breasts as they caress the snake. Mr. Skin is feeling monstrous after watching this movie start to finish. Ladies, come caress this monster.