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Habana Blues

Habana Blues (2005)

Brief Nudity


Like the title suggests, this is the story about two up and coming musicians in Cuba. Their music mixes traditional Cuban music with newer, more popular forms, and it catches the attention of a Spanish record label. When the record label suggests that they alter their lyrics away from themes involving their homeland the duo is split between staying true to their roots and following the trail of money. Meanwhile, one of the musicians is having domestic issues. His wife wants to leave for the United States with his children. Themes of globalism against nationalism and artistic integrity against selling out get played out throughout the whole film.

Yaliene Sierra plays Caridad, the musician’s wife who is threatening to leave, and she bares her round derriere along with one extremely pointy sideboob. Magnífico! And Marta Calvó plays Marta who is in a bedroom banging scene, riding a guy and getting her ample chest grabbed. They should have called this move The Boner Vista Social Club.