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Guilty Party

Guilty Party (2021)

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Guilty Party (2021) is a series that stars Kate Beckinsale as a journalist who was discredited as she struggles to get her career back on track. She was once a fantastic, award-winning journalist, but it all fell apart and her reputation as an unstable reporter and person got the better of her. However, that all changes when she finds out about a woman in prison for killing her husband, but she says that she did not actually do this. Kate's character becomes obsessed with the story and believes that this can be her next thing: an investigative journalism report that can let an innocent woman out of prison. People do not take her seriously, and many accuse her of being a white savior, so she has to rise above it all and be a professional and an altruistic writer on a mission. But that's going to be hard! While she tries to figure that all out, we are obsessed with one sexy scene that teases us. Kate Beckinsale, fully clothed in a sweater and jeans, visits a dominatrix who wears a corset top tucked into her tight jeans. Helen Hayden plays the BDSM babe named Donna who comes onto Kate's character despite Kate's character refusing her. "Then why are you here?" she asks her. Great question. The next thing we know, Kate is sitting at the edge of a bed with her boots off and Helen is slowly licking her feet. This is a toe-sucking scene that will keep you on your toes.