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Greenhorn (1996)

Brief Nudity


Greenhorn (1996) is a made for tv comedy about a German couple who fly to Las Vegas to get married. The man's work then sends him to New Mexico, where he meets a petty thief named Julee (Nicolette Krebitz) who pulls him into her convoluted world of crime. It isn't long before the two set off together on a tour of the Southwestern United States, running from the law and trying to get Julee safely away from the police that are hunting her.  Nicolette Krebitz keeps herself covered up for most of the film's running time, with two notable exceptions. We first get a nice long shot of her top half while she's wearing a sexy black bra that shows off her captivating cleavage. Then we get a look at her totally naked from behind as she sits on the edge of a bathtub. We get some tantalizing looks at her tush, and also some scintillating side boob as well. This babe is making us Greenhorn-y!