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Godless (2017)

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Set in the lawless days of the late 19th century in the American West, Godless is a Netflix Original Series that seeks to buck the dying western trend. Created by Academy Award nominee A. Scott Frank, who would go on to make Queen's Gambit, the 2017 miniseries followed notorious outlaw Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels), who is tracking his old partner that ended up betraying him, Roy Goode (Jack O'Connell). The two men make their way to the mysterious town of La Belle, New Mexico, which appears to be inhabited solely by women after a mining accident ended the lives of all the fellas in town. There we meet Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery) a frontier woman who is no wilting flower, and who will prove to be more than a match for whatever hombre decides to start trouble in her town. Can these ladies fend off one of the old West's most murderous outlaw gangs? I wouldn't bet against them! This isn't the mild mild west, there's plenty of erotic adventures and skinematic scenes. Before the series even really settles in, we get some great nudity from Christiane Seidel, who bares boobs and buns while scavenging and riding naked through town! Later, she lets Merritt Wever into her saddle, when the all female town finds out they don't need a dude to do the deed! Jessica Sula shows a bit of bum while getting spanked with a whip, but left us unfortunately her-Bodless. The busty Trine Christensen shows off some fantastic full frontal when attempting to ambush Jeff Daniels and his men, but of course the big attraction here is Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery making her official nude debut! Michelle has two different topless scenes, one during a vicious assault and another during a tender, campfire lit love scene! We'd sure love to show Miss Dockerey our hickery dickery cock! If cleanliness is next to godliness, the mess you just made is thanks to Godless!