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Longmire (2012-2017)

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The wild plains of Wyoming take center stage in the series Longmire. The series aired three seasons on A&E before being cancelled, though Netflix rescued it from certain death by picking it up for a fourth and fifth season. Often compared to Yellowstone, although it had been cancelled for good a year before the Kevin Costner hit had even  aired an episode, the show follows Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), a world weary sheriff who has seen it all. Since there are all sorts of jurisdiction issues with Wyoming's many Indian Reservations, Longmire is helped in his quest to keep law and order by his Cheyenne buddy Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), and the out of place ex-Philly homicide detective, Deputy Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff). Based on a series of mystery novels, the series had our gang solving all sorts of crimes, including some that involve their own family members. But with all that land to work with, the bad guys have plenty of space to hide weapons, bodies, drugs or just hide out. Unfortunately, most of the women on this one hid their bodies, as well. The only skin on the whole show came via some super sexy looks at Katee Sackhoff in her undies while she lassos a horny dude pretending to be a bull. Ole! Hope he got laid after all that roleplaying effort! At the very least, let her tie him up and have Miss Sackhoff jack him off. But what really had us horny, was when Katee flashed some ass and a bit of sideboob while banging some dude. She might be from the city, but we'll consider her a local if she keeps showing those titties! The show was about solving crimes, but we got awfully long mirin Katee's body on Longmire!