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Gemini (1999)

No Nudity

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Even armchair astrologists know that Gemini is the sign of Twins. Couple this with the poster for the Japanese film Gemini (1999) and you'll soon be convinced that the film is about an evil twin who cuts off his good twin's head while a nude woman cradles it in her arms. This is all pretty self-evident just from the poster and title alone. As it turns out, we're half right in our assumptions. Yes, the film is indeed about an evil twin and we do see a naked woman from behind, but as far as we can tell there's no decapitation to be found here. Instead we get an arresting tale of the lengths one twin brother will go to in order to have the woman of his dreams, even she is his twin brother's girl! While Yukio (Masahiro Motoki) is living a charmed life as a doctor with a gorgeous wife named Rin (Ryô), his twin brother Sutekichi (also played by Motoki) is lying in wait, planning his revenge against a brother whose entire fortune is built on his misery. When Rin is involved in an accident that leaves her with amnesia, Sutekichi takes the opportunity to pounce, and nothing in Yukio's charmed life will ever be the same again. I wish I could say, "And his head will never be attached to his body again," but there's not a lick of decapitation to be found here! There's also not a lick of nudity since the lovely Ryô has her back to the camera the three times she appears without her clothes!