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Flocking (2015)

Brief Nudity

(0:30) Fatime Azemi enters swimming pool area in her bikini.Several other GIRLS are seen in their bikinis as well including Julia Grönberg and more.(0:31) Julia Grönberg gets out of pool in her bikini and then Fatime Azemi gets out in hers and attacks her. (1:21) Fatime Azemi gets out of bed in a shirt and panties.(1:23) Malin Levanon lying in bed in just her panties. We see a significant portion of left boob. Then after her daughter sits on the bed she rolls over exposing her left breast and then both breasts.(1:35) All the GIRLS strip to their bra and panties to go into the water including Julia Grönberg and three others.


Malin Levanon

Nude - as Miabreasts, underwear

Fatime Azemi

Sexy - as Jenniferbikini, underwear

Julia Grönberg

Sexy - as Nathaliebikini, underwear

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