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Fishing Naked

Fishing Naked (2015)

No Nudity

Top Scene


When a group of young people decide to scare off tourists to their small town by pulling pranks, they accidentally bring more attention to themselves in Fishing Naked (2013). A group of friends, sick of the tourists coming to their small town, being to pull of hoaxes meant to scare them off. They fake Bigfoot sightings, prank and scare tourist, smoke dope, and have sex. When their antics draw even more attention to the town they realize there is actually a special creature living in the woods that they have now put in serious danger. You’ll be in danger of ripping your pants off when you see Elyse Levesque doing some topless fishing. While standing in the river she whips off her top and lets us get some side boob while she tries to catch some fishes. While this is not an action-packed thriller, there are plenty of funny moments and comical dialog to keep your attention for the duration. The plot is very zany, the actors play relatable characters and they're all quite attractive. All in all, Fishing Naked is a wholly entertaining venture whether watching alone or with a group. Sure, flesh fiends out there will likely be disappointed in a movie with no nudity but the words "naked" in the title. Nonetheless, there's plenty here to admire, and Elyse Levesque looks hot enough to inspire some masturbation, particularly for those that have the capacity to use their fertile imaginations to undress these hotties with their mind's eye. You'll be fishing for your zipper in no time!