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James Franco's Bar Mitzvah

James Franco's Bar Mitzvah (2015)

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We know what you're thinking. We're well aware that you may be utterly and completely baffled by the fact that actor and noted crazy person James Franco had a Bar Mitzvah in 2015. Nevertheless, this totally happened and was a glorious affair, presided over by James' friend and hetero lifemate Seth Rogen. There was an actual Rabbi there, making it official and not just another one of Franco's art projects, though to be fair, the Rabbi could have been an actor as well. Who knows and frankly, who cares? The event was made all the more sexy when Miley Cyrus showed up to perform in a blue unitard that she hiked all the way up, turning the back of it into a thong that nicely showed off her ass! It may not have been the best Bar Mitzvah in history, but Miley certainly made it the sexiest! Mazel Tov!