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Fatma (2021)

No Nudity

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The Turkish series Fatma, which debuted on Netflix in the spring of 2021, follows the eponymous cleaning lady (Burcu Biricik) who nobody seems to notice. In fact, Fatma goes through life so anonymously that when she begins murdering people, nobody seems to notice that either! Fatma's world is turned upside down when her husband Zafer, who is newly released from prison, disappears seemingly without a trace. When Fatma begins digging into her husband's sudden disappearance, she soon finds her life in danger when one of her husband's associates from prison threatens her, telling her to stop digging around for information on her missing husband. In an act of desperation, Fatma kills the thug and her vocation as a cleaning woman has given her all the tools she needs to successfully clean up the crime and return to anonymity. As other criminal associates of her husband start turning up at her front door, they soon start turning up dead, with Fatma the only possible suspect, despite being as clean as can be. How long can this charade last and how long will it be before Fatma finally meets her match? Probably as long as she wants to get information on her husband, the criminal world had better look out for the new gangster on the street! The show's first season, while taut and suspenseful, is also devoid of any nudity! There is a sexy scene in episode three where Fatma is caught between a lover's spat, with the sexy Melis Sezen showing off her beautiful body and cleavage in some sexy black undies!