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Farewell Amor

Farewell Amor (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Set in and among the world of Angolan immigrants living in New York City, Farewell Amor (2020) tells the story of Walter (Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine), an Angolan immigrant who left his family seventeen years ago to make a better life for himself and his wife Esther (Zainab Jah) in America. Walter had promised his extended family that he would eventually send them for them when he was able, and the film opens with that day having finally arrived! What should be a happy reunion for the family is instead marred by a sense of unease stemming from the fact that Walter and Esther have been living apart for years. In fact, their teenage daughter Sylvia (Jayme Lawson) barely knows her father, but to put on a show for Walter's African family, she must now pretend that they've all been living together as one big happy family for a while. Of course, as with all charades that a character is desperate to maintain, this whole facade is in danger of crumbling from minute one, especially once Walter discovers that Esther is now deeply involved with a radical Christian church. Can this fractured family hold things together long enough to get through this thing called life? It's doubtful, but it's all part of the fun in discovering the joys of Farewell Amor. One of those peek joys will come when you catch a peek at Zainab Jah's peaks as she goes topless in two separate scenes! One look at Zainab's pair and you'll be saying, "Farewell pants!"