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Excision (2012)

Brief Nudity

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Social outcast Pauline has two bizarre fantasies- becoming a surgeon but without all that annoying studying, and losing her virginity while on her period, in the gross-out horror flick Excision (2012). Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) has never fit in at school thanks to her unpleasant behavior, overbearing, hardcore Christian mom (Traci Lords), and (for a movie) homely appearance. So, she escapes to a fantasy world in her mind where she has her way with cadavers and performs impromptu surgeries on her enemies. After losing her virginity to Adam (Jeremy Sumpter) but grossing him out with all the blood stuff right after she rides his stiffie, she hears that her cystic fibrosis suffering sister (Ariel Winter) needs a new lung, but is way down on the donor list. No biggie, Pauline will just go ahead and perform some amateur surgery on whoever she feels like killing to save her sister's life. Dreams really do come true in this insane flick that features legendary weirdo John Waters in its cast, and was hugely inspired by his zany filmography. Unfortunately, not our dreams of seeing a ton of skin from AnnaLynne! No, there's no nudity from AnnaLynne McCord, but we get a bunch of dead women's titties as they lie on mortuary slabs. And while she somehow manages to hide all her best parts, we do see AnnaLynne go for a ride on top of Jeremy Sumpter, so that's something. No flashing, but those moans are sure to give you a bone! Even if she never goes full frontal, AnnaLynne's work in Excision is still exciting enough to get your blood pumping from all the humping!