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Eva (2021)

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The Filipino flick Eva (2021) will scratch your itch for hot lesbian action in a female dominated plot line. Angeli Khang stars as the titular housemaid, who comes to work for Victoria (Sab Aggabao), a self made woman whose love life is like a river flowing across the genders. Victoria's latest hookup is with Andrew (Germaine De Leon), a well meaning cabana boy who's dumber than a bag of hammers, though her most recent ex Charlene (Angelica Cervantes) looms large in the middle distance. Honestly, if you're looking for hot Filipino lesbian action, this is the flick for you. We've got scissoring and cunnilingus and fully shaved full nudity from Sab Aggabao, terrific T'n'A from Angeli Khang and Angelica Cervantes, and every potential lesbian pairing of the three ladies! You'll wish it could last For-Eva!