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Karinyo Brutal

Karinyo Brutal (2024)

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In 1998, Viva Video released a Filipino film called Cariño Brutal, a sadistic story about two nurses who one night suffer at the hands of four drug-crazed, horny men, spurning one of them to become hellbent on getting vengeance. 24 years later, Pinoy entertainment company VivaMax has come out with a similarly titled film that also involves sexual brutality and revenge,. Only this time, Apple Dy in an abusive relationship with Benz Sangalang and decides to use her neighbor as a means to escape. After watching him get way too rough with her, we finally get to enjoy her T’n’A treated right by Armani Hector. Maebelle Medina also has a duo of sex scenes showing her bare boobs and butt, while Caira Lee’s booty gets a few slaps, but she’s clearly into getting banged, rather than banged up.