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Would you like to see an Erin-go-braless? Then you will get teased by the babely and brunette Erin Shimokawa stripping in her black bra and panties. We will get to that in a second. She plays The Stripper in the indie action film all about revenge called Honor Killing (2018) by writer and director Mercedes. That director knew what she was doing when she cast Erin as a stripper in a sexy scene that shows all of her hot moves when she dances on a pole. She puts her body in the faces of her audience members who slip dollar bills into her bra straps and bottom straps. Luckily, she eventually takes her bottoms off and we get to see her bush and her bright white buns. Her viewers seem really excited about slipping down her panties and show her bright and beautiful moon. Howl at that moon when this lovely lady earns her tips. You might want to give her just the tip. She never takes off her bra, so you have to settle for her hot cleavage. That is hardly anything to settle for because it is still plenty sexual. This movie is all about vengeance and honor killings, but the real honor is in watching Erin Shimokawa absolutely kill it in this hot stripping scene. This pole dancer knows how to please a pole with all of her hot moves. We don't know how many dollars are on her body, but her body looks like one hundred dollars!