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El Turrrf

El Turrrf (2012)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


No, it's not the Spanish language J.K. Rowling biopic, El Turrrf (2012) is actually a sex filled short film about the luckiest man in the world, who somehow stumbles into providing the cream filling for a two supermodel sandwich. There doesn't seem to be anything all that special about Pierre (Louis-Ronan Choisy). He's a normal looking dude who goes to a nightclub called "El Turrrf" looking for action, and quickly runs into a pair of best buddies named Clementine (Clementine Poidatz) and Pom (Pom Klementieff). Pierre chars them up, but rather than give him the runaround and make him pay for drinks, they are very explicit about why they're at the club, and what they want from him. Sex! They want sex! Yes, they're immediately abundantly clear about Pierre joining them for a threesome, and Pierre's more than happy to oblige their offer to get him off. While we don't get to see the action itself, we do get great shots of both Pam and Clementine as they're lying in bed, topless and ready to be ravaged. A short haired blonde and a long haired brunette are just about the best duo your dong can get! Plus, those tits are grrrreat! Would it be a surprise if I told you the guy who wrote and directed this tail of a man in the midst of this unbelievable menage, also happened to cast himself in the lead role? Well, he absolutely did. Not that we can blame him! Hopefully next time the three R movie shows us all three B's of its banging babes! Gonna need some surf to go with that turrrf!