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Dr. Death

Dr. Death (2021)

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Like they say during the commercial promos for some of our favorite crime procedurals "a story ripped from the headlines!", we get this true life story that if it didn't happen in real life, you would say the writers went too far!  Dr. Death follows the real life story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), a former collegiate athlete who turned to medical school after his undergrad. While he seemed like he was an incredible doctor who was a rising star in the Dallas hospital systems, there was a much darker story lurking underneath.  Dr. Duntsch decides to stick to his "specialty", which was minimally invasive spinal surgery, the only problem is that anyone who went across his table came out with more spinal problems than they went in with. It turns out he has been hiding a brutal cocaine and booze addiction behind the medical board's back, and he also has been performing unnecessary medical procedures on patients with chronic pain, regularly paralyzing them or even killing them.  When two doctors in the region, Dr. Henderson (Alec Baldwin) and Dr. Kirby (Christian Slater) start to investigate his track record with an assistant DA, they soon find that this "Doctor" is beyond a quack, he is in fact knowingly and willfully hurting his patients for unknown reasons and the trio set out to stop him from ever performing surgery on anyone else before it's too late!  we get some serious star power nudity in this series too as Grace Gummer shows her buns briefly as Dr. Death's PA and we also get to see his wife, Molly Griggs, way back when they met in her stripper days!