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Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing (1987)

No Nudity

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The immortal story of a shy, brainy girl falling for her hunky dance instructor at summer camp is the plot point of the sensational success Dirty Dancing (1987). Playing the brainy babe is Jennifer Grey, and she gets wound up in the world of dance by paying for an abortion that Swayze’s original dance partner needs. Grey’s character then fills in the role as dance partner and that’s when the pair gets close. Then as Grey’s father finds out about the abortion he helped fund, he puts his foot down, and then the drama ensues. There’s no nudity to speak of throughout the entire film, but Jennifer does have quite a few skimpy clothing and suggestive scenes while dancing, not to mention plenty of underwear clips as well. One of the finer ones is when the two are wet in the lake and Jennifer’s nips are poking out of her shirt. Don’t let the title fool you, there have been dirtier dances elsewhere.