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Dirt Music

Dirt Music (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


If you were to look just at the poster for the film Dirt Music (2020) and nothing else, you might be forgiven for thinking that it's a parody of the most recent adaptation of A Star is Born (2018). Australian director Gregor Jordan—The Informers (2008) and Ned Kelly (2003)—is at the helm here of this story about Georgie (Kelly MacDonald), the lonely wife of a fisherman (David Wenham) perpetually out to sea. When a dangerous poacher (Garrett Hedlund) encroaches on her husband's territory in more ways than one, there's only one way to extinguish the flames of passion that have been raised! The more she learns about this loner named Lou, who left behind a career in music for a life of solitude, the more she finds herself falling into a dangerous trap he may have set for her. However, don't worry, this is one of those movies where they make it clear that the husband is a scumbag so that, when the wife cheats on him, the audience will still be on her side because, come on, the dude's a scumbag and she deserves this. In addition to a surprisingly passionate clothed sex scene at the 19 minute mark, where Kelly MacDonald puts on a moaning clinic, we also get some terrific T&A from the Scottish beauty, who bares her highlands and lowlands when she strips down to go skinny dipping because, you know, she found herself or whatever! Hey, it's nice that she had that awakening because it meant we got to see a Skin favorite nude once again!