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Deadcon (2019)

No Nudity

Top Scene


The ghost in the machine is alive and well and coming after "Influencers" and "Youtubers" in this 2019 horror flick Deadcon.  The stars of the movie are all YouTubers who descend upon a conference called Viewcom to push their "brand" even further, but the star AKAshley (Lauren Elizabeth) can't get a hotel room at the event, her friend helps her stay in a room with some history...  As Ashley meets and greets tons of her adoring 4 million+ subscribers, the terror begins to unfold and it's not just about how many views she's getting in comparison to her jerk boyfriend, who is an even bigger influencer!  So if you're haunted and nobody sees it on your feed, did it like... EVEN HAPPEN?!?  Internet celebrities can be haunted by more than just creepy and adoring fans, they can be haunted by the spirits of "chat rooms" past too.  While lacking in nudity, we do get one spooky shower scene with Claudia Sulewski showing some sexy bareback while almost getting grabbed by a bloody hand!  If you're a fan of horror and like what you see, click the little subscribe button in the cor....  Just kidding.