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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Wake up, you croaked bastards! It's once again time to greet the coming sun with an inchoate growl and then sprint off to find some live human to bite a chunk out of, killing the unlucky stiff for a matter of minutes until the goner reanimates and joins the hordes of ghouls on the prowl for fresh meat. Dawn of the Dead (2004) is not without sterling precedent, but just because it is the fourth or sixth in a series of apocalyptic movies built upon the premise that dead people don't necessarily remain completely that way does not prevent this Dawn come lately from being a lively and charming entertainment in which the happiest of possible endings is that all of humanity perishes. Thankfully, before the lights go out for humanity the spectators get a great view of some tits and ass. For example, when the credits roll, we see a flash of bikini babe Kim Kerns on a boat. She's flashing her gorgeous chest globes for the camera. Earlier in the flick, at the 57-minute mark, there's a disjointed montage that shows a few shots of Kim Poirier in thongy lingerie, and then we get a look at her sexy little nubs bopping! You don't have to watch the whole flick to get a piece of skin-ful action, a mere 10 minutes in, amid the chaos of the zombie apocalypse, topless Luigia Zucaro and her nice pair of chest peckers wander towards a bloody car. Might as well call it Dawn of the Boners!