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Dark Angel: The Ascent

Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994)

Great Nudity!

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Before Jessica Alba was scorching the screen on Fox's Dark Angel, Angela Featherstone was a delicious demon who gets bored in Hell and decides to start tormenting Earth's evildoers in Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994). Brought to us by Full Moon Entertainment, Angela plays Veronica, a Hellraising young demon stuck in Hell, who survives an assassination attempt from her dad (Nicholas Worth) and slips up through the sewers into Earth. She struggles with life in a place so unlike the underworld, but makes sure to get her kicks punishing any evildoer that comes across her path. But the fun gets complicated after she falls for a handsome doctor (Daniel Markel) who actually believes in helping people instead of terrorizing them. Good thing that they both agree on certain earthly pleasures! The plot might remind you of Little Nicky (2000), but this one will leave you more than a little sticky thanks to the nude work of Angela Featherstone. Apparently, Hell has the same rule as time travel in The Terminator franchise, since when Veronica comes from her world to ours, she's totally naked! Miss Featherstone, who we really wanted to bone, showed her tits and ass as she emerged naked in the middle of the city, before jogging away as people stared at her pair! Once she decides she wants some of the doc's cock, Angela shows her boobs while seducing him topless, and doing some sinning in bed with him. Angela's got a Hell of a nice set! As you could probably tell by the title, this was supposed to be the first film in a series, but it underperformed and never got a sequel. What a missed opportunity! Mr. Skin definitely got it up watching Dark Angel: The Ascent!