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Curon (2020)

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Curon (2020) is an Italian fantasy-thriller series that takes place in a tiny village in Northern Italy. An adult woman named Anna played by Valeria Bilello returns to the village after several years away. She grew up there and returns "home" with her children to finds that things have no changed the way that she had hoped. The things that traumatized her as a child are back and ready to haunt not only her, but also her teenaged children. The entire town seems haunted by a mysterious brick bell tower where legend and truth both terrify the town in equal measure. The bell tower has a curse and a hold on everyone in the town and brings out the worst in people. Curon is clearly full of secrets! This extremely bingeable series is rated TV-MA because there is indeed a little mature content for our Skin audiences. Feeling thirsty? Want a margarita? Well, this series has a Margherita! Margherita Morchio, that is. This sexy olive-toned lady plays teenaged Daria and is a darling when she makes out with her man. She gets on top of him and takes off her shirt to reveal a bra that gives us cleavage in this dimly lit scene. They kiss in closeups from the side where her cleavage is mashed against his chest, so we don't get to see too much more of her breasts. Still, Margherita Morchio is a tasty morsel in this show and we are certainly lusting after. We hope that Curon soon delivers us more Morchio!