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Curfew (1989)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Being home for dinner has deadly consequences in the home invasion shocker Curfew(1989). Wendell Wellman and John Putch play a pair of psychos recently escaped from death row; they’re mad as hell and planning to exact bloody revenge on the DA who had them put away. When DA Walter Davenport (Frank Miller)’s daughter Stephanie (Kyle Richards) returns home in time for her curfew, she finds her parents being held hostage. What sort of sick and twisted plans do these homicidal siblings have in store for the family? Torture and humiliation, for starters.

Curfew is jam packed with disturbing scenes of terror and torture, so it’s a pleasant respite when the sweet, sweet chest cushions of Lost Boys babe Nori Morgan pop out to say hello. Too bad her angry lover breaks up the petting party a few seconds later. Curfew will keep you up past your bedtime!