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Copying Beethoven

Copying Beethoven (2006)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Agnieszka Holland
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Home Release: 04/03/2007
  • Theatrical Release: 11/10/2006
  • Country: Germany, USA
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A fictionalized telling of the last months of Ludwig van Beethoven's life, Copying Beethoven (2006) stars Ed Harris as the mostly deaf maestro with the wiggy hair. The old crank is cranking out the greatest work of his life, but he's feeling a little Pathétique these days, what with his messy relationship with his nephew and the general cruddiness of everyone and everything. Along comes a comely young cougar by the name of Diane Kruger, here to transcribe the man's music and bring some mams into this art flick. Alas, they're mams of the dress-oppressed seventeenth-century sort, but Diane is slamming nonetheless. Apparently deaf to common sense itself, Ed doesn't flirt his way into her skirts, but he does a lot of screaming, teeming with madness, passion, talent, and pure sourpussiness. Diane puts up a fight when Ed gets crabby, and he begins to see in her a kindred spirit. Together they bang out his Ninth Symphony, and its premiere is a thing to hear.