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Colors (1988)

Brief Nudity

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The rival Bloods and Crips gangs from Los Angeles’s South Central battlefields designate themselves by flaunting opposing blue or red bandanas, but the cops who police them are a monochromatic lot, bleeding only in blue. Such are the hues that clash to create the shoot-’em-up conflict of Colors (1988). A buddy-cop action flick with a social conscience, crafted by multi-talented director Dennis Hopper, Colors stars Robert Duvall as the veteran cop Bob Hodges, who is teamed with the young rookie Danny McGavin (Sean Penn) in the LAPD's anti-gang unit known as C.R.A.S.H. Hodges is the older, wiser one who the community respects for his restraint, while McGavin's the hot head with a fiery temper, who's got a hot waitress named Louisa (Maria Conchita Alonso) all over his cock whenever he's off the clock. Together the two do their best to survive the streets, as a huge war between the Bloods, Crips, and Hispanic gangs break out. Will these two bring order to the City of Angels or end up the two newest brothers in blue to perish in the line of duty? If black's your favorite color when it comes to the ladies you're in luck, Ava Thorpe gives you a great scene where she's getting it on with Leon Robinson. He's really putting the work in between her legs, only for the cops to bust in before he busts a nut. When they shoot, she gets up and starts screaming, which lets us see her hooters in all the commotion. But if it's brown skin for the win, have a gander at the luscious latina Maria Conchita Alonso looking oh so sexy while banging Sean Penn. It's tough to spot, but we see her left boob just to the side of his back. Damn, Mr. Skin would've been a cadet if he knew the thin blue line meant banging women that fine! Why join a gang when you can stay in and bang women like the ones in Colors?