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Code of Honor

Code of Honor (2016)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


This Steven Seagal action installment aims to explore (albeit amid many explosions) a vigilante and his after-hours, self-appointed crime fighting. Seagal himself plays Robert Sikes, a former special op who's now helming a one-man assault team after his wife and son are killed in a drive-by. He's targeting criminals and doing what could be considered to be good for the city, but his former protege and the PD come after him anyway. This action movie would have been remiss not to include at least one strip club, and it luckily pulls through. Ileana Huxley plays one stripper who dances on the pole and pulls off her bra mid-action, and Helena Mattsson watches her do coke in the dressing room while the two are in their lingerie. Pair that with some major boobage from April Jorgensen when she rides a guy topless in bed, and you'll have yourself a Bone of Honor!