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Claudia Di Girólamo

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Brief Nudity

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Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Santiago de Chile, CL

Date of Birth: 12/30/56

AKA: Claudia Di Girolamo


Chilean goddess Claudia Di Girolamo is anything but chilly. She is spicy and hot with several sexy scenes under her belt during her long career. The ravishing South American beauty hails from Santiago de Chile where she studied at the University of Chile and quickly became an accomplished theater actress and director. In the Golden Age of Chilean TV, she found success on soap operas and other TV shows and movies like Trampas y Caretas (1992), Estupido Cupido (1995), Oro Verde (1997), Iorana (1998), La fiera (1999) as Catalina Chamorro and so many more. She found her stride in the 1990s, but her debut came in the 70s with a role at Matilde Elias on the TV mini-series Martin Rivas. She acted throughout the '80s in TV shows before she became the queen of Chilean TV she did later on. Her best role yet is as Kika Ferragut in Fugitives (2011). In this series, she pulls down her pants and squats next to a toilet - not on the toilet. She isn't going to the bathroom. She's retrieving hidden drugs from inside her snatch that she was hiding deep in there to help her husband in prison. She retrieves the contraband from deep inside her cavities which is a scene that is almost as good as any drug we could be on. Her side buns and the very idea of using something that is soaking in her poonany juices has us salivating for more. Claudia Di Girolamo is a snatch snack!


Mi último hombre (1996) - as Florencia

TV Shows

Fugitives (2011) - as Kika Ferragut

Angel malo - as Lía

Cómplices - as Soledad Méndez

Estúpido Cupido - as Hermana Angélica

La Fiera - as Catalina Chamorro

Idolos - as Isabel Segovia

La invitación - as Consuelo

Iorana - as Josefa Soublette

Jaque mate - as Isabella Quesney

La Madrastra - as Luna

Matrimonio de papel - as Carmen Pérez

La noche del cobarde - as María C.

Oro verde - as Natalia Sotomayor

Los Pincheira - as Marwua Abu Kassem

Puertas adentro - as Erica Sandoval

Romane - as Jovanka Antich

Rompecorazon - as Patricia Sierra

Secreto de familia - as Xenia

Te conté - as Sabrina

Los Títeres - as Artemisa

Trampas y caretas - as Mariana Ríos

Villa Nápoli - as NA

Volver a empezar - as Valentina

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