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Candyman (1992)

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Chicago’s notorious Cabrini-Green housing project proves an expressive horror playground for famed producer Clive Barker in the hit urban creeper Candyman (1992). Based on Barker's short story "The Forbidden," writer-director Bernard Rose made a ton of interesting changes to the source material. See, that story is about a pale white dude in the slums of England, which is very far from the movie that hit the big screens. Lauded for its use of American systemic racism to both enhance the terror and use the places most people won't go in Chicago to replace the classic "cabin in the woods" setting of so many spooky stories, the film follows University of Illinois researcher Helen (Virginia Madsen) and her bestie Anne-Marie ( Kasi Lemmons) as they research an infamous urban legend. The claim is, if you say "Candyman" into the mirror five times, he comes out of the looking glass and straight up murders your ass. Helen figures out that the source of the legend is the Cabrini-Green projects, and decides she'll write all about how they invented it to deal with the horrors of inner city life. She's wrong though, since Candyman (Tony Todd) is a very real figure, who was a former lynched slave that starts stalking her. She ends up in a loony bin thanks to her being around so many murders and spewing a crazy story about an evil mirror man, but he says he'll help her if she aids him in his killing spree. Should've left the legend alone! Forget the sequels or the reboot, and stick with the original. The film kicks off with the thin blonde Marianna Elliott stripping down to her white bra and panties before letting Sam Raimi rub her rack! Carolyn Lowery is a coed who's boning Helen's college professor husband. She doesn't strip down to a bra, because she never wears one! Yes, Carolyn is beaming in a white sweater that is quite tight around her sweater puppies. Keep her away from the mirror, not because of Candyman but because those things could cut glass! But when it comes to real skin, The Windy City’s own Virginia Madsen is undoubtedly the major draw, as she staves off the ghostly monster’s advances while giving viewers a ripe eyeful. She's topless and covered in blood in one weird scene, but for a much more normal look at her large chest we can watch her lather her juicy jugs in the bath tub. Oh to live in that bathroom's mirror! Every man will appreciate that eye candy in Candyman