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Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel (1988)

Great Nudity!

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In this Academy Award nominee and period piece out of France, we center the entire story around one of the most famous sculptors in the history of the world Auguste Rodin (Gérard Depardieu) but more importantly, the female artist who surpassed him, Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani).  In the summer of 1855, Rodin see's the potential in Camille and hires her to be his assistant but what begins as a professional appreciation, soon evolves into a steamy affair between the artists.  As Camille begins to sculpt for herself instead of for the famed Rodin, she not only begins to surpass his ability, she begins to receive his unfair jealousy or her work and love life along the way.  As Camille begins to distance herself for Rodin, she must choose between her love for the great man who is overshadowing her, or her love for the art, which has surpassed his ability to teach her any more.  This classic out of France racked up two Academy Award nominations, one for Best Foreign Language Film and the other Best Actress for the stunning Isabelle Adjani. If there is one thing we've learned about French period pieces about artists in the 19th century...  They are definitely going to have some naked ladies around for inspiration and Rodin is no exception to this rule.  We get nude scenes from two models played by Ariane Kah and Hester Wilcox who both are twisted and turned into multiple positions to find the "right light" on their bodies for the artists.  We're just the flies on the wall as Rodin and Camille mold they marvelous models in the buff into masterpieces!