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Brazen (2022)

No Nudity


It's a tragedy that school teachers need to hold down a second job a lot of the time, but sometimes those jobs can be quite interesting and fulfilling.  For teacher Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), she had a whole different second life to help with the cash flow and to keep her sex life spicy, she's a secret camgirl and a dominatrix online.  While wearing a wig and some skin tight leather, she orders men around online, but one of them finds out where she lives and brutally murders her!  When her sister Grace (Alyssa Milano) discovers her body in her secret naughty room, her secret double life is revealed.  A calm and collected detective, Ed (Sam Page), is assigned to the investigation and immediately connects with Grace, but the killer is quite elusive and all the leads are leading to dead ends.  So Grace decides that she needs to get involved to lure the serial killer out and hunt him down, so she decides to assume the identity of her sister's online persona, Desiree, and put on some webcam shows of her own, using herself as bait, to see if the killer comes after her! As her new detective lover warns her to stay away, she only gets more and more involved in the case and eventually has the bad guy tracking her every movement in that tight leather outfit she sports in her cam shows!  Proving she is still a certified smokeshow, Alyssa Milano gives us some revealing looks at herself, just pouring out of her dominatrix outfits, as well as some more normal brassiere action.  Also, Emilie Ullerup doesn't shy away form showing a bit of skin to open this crime thriller!  All hail Alyssa with a whopping four scenes of sexy good times though!