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Born (2007)

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The religious fright flick Born (2007) stars Alison Brie as twenty-one-year-old Mary Elizabeth, a goody two shoes with an amazing body, who suddenly finds herself miraculously pregnant. Of course, her ultra-religious parents are convinced she's the second coming of the Virgin Mary about to pop out the next JC. But that's not what's happening, at all. Instead, she's been knocked up by the demon Asmodeus (Kane Hodder) and is preggers with an equally demonic fetus that compels her to kill six innocent people to both satisfy his appetite for evil and to give him the strength to destroy the world. There's a priest who tries to stop her (Eddie Velez), but you'll end up rooting for the demon baby thanks to the hilarious one liners Alison spews at his behest, as well as the horrific kills the demon spawn helps her perform. He somehow can pop in and out of Mary's belly, without leaving any scars behind. And at one point, the devil baby even gnaws off a dude's dick from the womb, while he's trying to pop Mary Elizabeth's cherry! Oh baby is that scene wild! Young Alison Brie wasn't quite willing to do any nudity, so she uses a body double to flash her boobies while she sees how big they're getting as she prepares to pop out a kid. Nothing beats knocked up knockers! But rather than use a double, we got double the pleasure and double the fun seeing the boobs, bush and buns of identical twins Shawnie Costello and Julie Costello in a few sexy scenes. Either Costello is the dream girl of every fellow, since both of these babes are stacked blondes willing to do full frontal as some part of a Satanic ritual. They've both got the perfect DNA for an amazing three way! But if you're looking for something a bit different, the Devil couldn't turn up the thermostat in Hell to make it as hot as Azalea Davila is! Get really turned on, and kind of frightened, as she angrily threatens another blonde babe while totally topless. Imagine how she'd turn all that emotion into aggressive in and out motion! With all those sexy ladies, Born is as good as porn!