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Bonejangles (2017)

Brief Nudity

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Bonejangles is a horror comedy parodying many of the horror classics all wrapped up in one. There's the immortal serial killer Bonejangles, who can only be subdued through electrocution. There's the nympho cop, played by Hannah Richter, who shows off her big, beautiful boobs in the shower while she tries to keep the killer at bay. There's an evil, sexy witch (Elissa Dowling) who cursed a town with a once-a-year zombie invasion and has a penchant for dancing seductively in her underwear. There's the classic panty-clad camper (Anna Larranaga) who meets her end at the hands of the killer. There's the prom queen (Ruth Marie Latterell) trying to escape the zombies... AND the serial killer. This movie is a ton of fun, and it's filled with tons of sexy women who will put the bonejangles in your pants!