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Bombshell (1996)

No Nudity


It's 2010, and nefarious Nanolabs is about to unleash nanohell on an unsuspecting populace in Bombshell (1996), a sci-fi thriller about a big corporation that's up to nano good. Henry Thomas is a young scientist doing time in the company labs, and as the release of their masterpiece machinery approaches, he starts to get a bit worried. See, their breakthrough technology is a microscopic doohickey that can regenerate tissue at the cellular level—it's supposed to be the world's first cancer cure, but Henry thinks it might be nanothing but a curse. His animal subjects keep buying the farm, but his bosses are too greedy to listen to his concerns. Everyone thinks he's nothing but a nattering nabob of negativity! With the help of his assistant, Frank Whaley, and his fabbo fiancée, Mädchen Amick (who briefly bares a bit of her nanas), Henry's going to try to stop the mechanical madness. But his resolve is no match for the baddies' badness, and soon he finds himself implanted with a deadly device. Oh naNO!


Mädchen Amick

Nude - as Angeline

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