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Blue Steel

Blue Steel (1990)

Brief Nudity

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Every job has its bad days, but when a cop’s shift goes to shit, lives are at stake, no more so than that of the police officer who simply wanted to stop in at the convenience market, pick up a few essentials, and spend the off time in a vegetative state at home. Aside from being female, overtly appealing in a sexual nature, ambitious, and honest, the Manhattan beat officer at the heart of Blue Steel (1990) becomes an object of fixation to an obsessed and psychotic sex fiend who stalks her to the very sanctuary of her bed, there to place his affections upon her while holding her hostage with the thick, long, hard pistol that he surreptitiously picked up back at the market holdup that the lady hero/victim had foiled. Can this relationship be saved? Probably not, and don’t expect both parties to survive the breakup. In other words, we’re putting an APB on the T&A of NYPD cadet Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis). Let the Skinvision be your guide to seeing Jamie’s buns of (blue) steel and reverse bearded clam as she fights off her wacko attacker and rolls off the bed. Needless to say, Ms. Curtis puts the thrills into this action thriller. Under the direction of Kathryn Bigelow, the R rated flick also includes Louise Fletcher, Mary Mara, Elizabeth Peña, Lauren Tom, and Jamie’s pretty panties. With attire like that, you’ll want to grab your handcuffs and lube up your nightstick to lay down with the law!