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Blue Demon

Blue Demon (2004)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Whenever science and government band together in order to create a secret super weapon, there exists a chance that a Blue Demon (2004) will be spawned. A team of husband-and-wife biologists are working under the auspices of the defense department to breed a race of super-smart, super-aggressive sharks intended to devour enemies of America before the evildoers have a chance to step upon our golden shores. Irony of ironies, the evildoers are here already, and one such bad man unleashes half a dozen genetically enraged pit-bulls-of-the-sea upon an unsuspecting and innocent humanity, starting with a gaggle of sorority sisters who strip to their panties for a splash in the surf and are promptly chewed up and spat out. Who will make the shores safe again for playful semi-skinny dipping?