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Code Name: The Cleaner

Code Name: The Cleaner (2007)

No Nudity

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There's next to nothing in Cedric the Entertainer's head when he wakes up in a hotel room full of broken glass, hefty bread, and a G-man who's looking very, very dead at the beginning of Code Name: The Cleaner (2007), a comic take on the spy-sans-memory hit The Bourne Identity (2002). Our no-brainer Entertainer grabs the money and makes for the lobby, where he meets legendary hotbody Nicollette Sheridan. She claims to be his wife, taking him to a mansion she says is all theirs, where she struts her tip-top wonderwares in barely there underwears. Is Ced really married to her? Are these reliable mamories of the way they were? He's not sure, because there's something fishy about Nicky—and he also seems to be tangled up in a government conspiracy! Just as clues start mounting that he's actually an undercover agent code-named "The Cleaner," waitress Lucy Liu how-do-ya-do's him with this doozy: He's nothing but a lowly janitor (who gets to do Liu on the regular). Unsure of what to make of her, or just what kind of "cleaner" he really is, Ced falls further and further into wacky contusion confusion.