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Bleading Lady

Bleading Lady (2010)

Brief Nudity

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A teamster makes a killing driving around a low budget legend in Bleading Lady (2010), the latest from super offensive schlockmeister Ryan Nicholson. Don (Dan Ellis) is a driver who takes his work in the low budget horror world very, very seriously. His latest assignment is gorgeous scream queen Riversa Red (Sindy Faraguna), whom Don adores. When he finds out she has a stalker, he becomes her self-appointed bodyguard. And when the film-within-a-film’s director challenges his authority, Don decides to make his own kind of slasher film- one where the blood is real.Bleading Lady takes a self-aware stance on the topic of nudity in horror films; luckily, it’s aware that nudity is what the audience wants. You’ll reach for the lotion yourself when Erindera Farga slicks herself up with sunblock sitting topless in a field, and star Sindy Faraguna is sinfully sweet taking her shaved on-ramp for a nighttime dip in a film within the film. This Bleading Lady is more like a beating (off) lady!