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Black Rock

Black Rock (2012)

Brief Nudity

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Three childhood friends go camping on a remote island and run into trouble with local hunters in the indie thriller that star Lake Bell deemed "Deliverance (1972) with bitches," Black Rock (2012). Abby (Katie Aselton), Lou (Lake Bell), and Sarah (Kate Bosworth) are a once tight knit squad of ladies headed to Maine to reconnect, after fighting over a man pulled them apart a few years ago. The plan is to hang out on a secluded island they spent tons of time on as kids, and search for an old time capsule they dug all those years ago in hopes memories of better times leads to reconciliation. When they meet up with three Iraq War veterans on a hunting trip, the ladies awkwardly try to make friends. But when one of the guys attempts to sexually assault Abby, she accidently kills him in self-defense. The other vets don't buy her story and decide they'll go ahead and get their justice on the island. Suddenly, it's trained military Veterans versus young women in a battle for survival. Can our trio of former friends use their childhood memories of the island they spent so much time at, to outsmart the soldiers and survive? A more watchable movie would be any of these gorgeous women riding on top of a big, black....rock. But since that's not in store, instead we'll point you towards when director/star Katie Aselton shows her boobage, bush, and Ass-elton at the 58-minute mark, alongside the dewy and delectable Lake Bell,as the two strip out of their soaking wet clothes to prevent hypothermia. That'll ring your Bell! Ding, ding, dingaling! Come for the survival thriller, but stay for the scenes that'll get you rock hard in Black Rock!