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Black Mirror (2011-2023)

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Dubbed "The New Twilight Zone" by some critics, the creeping threat technology poses to human relationships is the subject of the British anthology series Black Mirror. Each episode of Black Mirror features a different cast and a different setting, from Buckingham Palace, to a country cottage, to a dystopian alternate reality where a "grain" implanted in people's ears monitors their every move. Beloved by critics, the show won the Emmy for "Outstanding Television Movie" three times in a row for the lesbian romance in an eighties inspired afterlife episode "San Junipero", the Star Trek inspired, uploaded consciousness nightmare "USS Callister" and the chose your own adventure episode "Bandersnatch." Speaking of snatch, British and American skin fans will take special interest in the absurd amount of gorgeous, and very famous women flaunting their bodies on the show. In the first episode of Season two, Captain America's number one girl; the very well endowed Hayley Atwell,displays her impressive melons in a black bra while getting ready for a sex session with a robot fashioned to look like her dead husband. The third season brought some sexy cleavage from Alice Eve and Bryce Dallas Howard as two women living in a world where your social credit score is everything. Alice is the gorgeous blonde influencer while Bryce is supposed to be someone with low marks, which is hard to believe after seeing her bounce around in a bra. Any girl with those jiggling jugs gets five stars from us! There were some lesbian lip locks from Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the afterlife living lesbians, as well as the series' first nude scene in a sexy dream montage the features a very topless Loreece Harrison laying in bed! Another nudie scene came when Emily Vere Nicoll flashed ass taking it from behind, and Nicole Beharie showed a bit of tit during a sex scene. Add to that Miley Cyrus in her bra as a popstar, Pom Klementieff nearly showing ass while kicking ass as a fighting video game character, Jodie Whittaker riding on top of her dude, Cristin Milioti stripping down to her panties and more, and Black Mirror will color your tissue white, and have you convinced the future is bright!


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