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Birth (2004)

Brief Nudity

Death plays funny tricks on the loved ones it leaves behind. Survivors face all sorts of challenges that never need worry the departed. A woman loses her husband early in his life, during the first chapters of their story together, and suddenly that unfolding epic has outrun its plotline. The widow of Birth (2004) wonders where her man has gone. If he was able to slip over to the far side of existence, is there not some possibility that he might sneak back into a body of warm flesh that she could hold in her arms? She comes to suspect that the portal between life and death is a two-way passage. The funny trick is that her long-gone spouse claims to have returned to her in the person of a ten-year-old boy.

Top Scenes

Nude, breasts 00:17:00 Sadly, it's mostly dude-butt here, but we do get a few flashes of Nipcole's lefty here and there while she gets her oil changed on a bed. (48 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:57:00 A little boy joins nekkid Nic in the tub . . . we see her partial right rackoid, but you gotta wonder about that kid's view. He doesn't know how lucky he is! (25 secs)


Nicole Kidman

Nude - as Annabreasts

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