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Big Trouble

Big Trouble (2002)

No Nudity

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Big Trouble (2002) is a hilariously funny comedy from writer Dave Barry and director Barry Sonnenfeld. The film weaves together several storylines involving a boneheaded single dad (Tim Allen), his horny teenage son (Ben Foster), a conniving millionaire (Stanley Tucci), his wife (Rene Russo) and daughter (Zooey Deschanel), dim-witted cops (Janeane Garofalo & Patrick Warburton), even dimmer-witted criminals (Tom Sizemore & Johnny Knoxville), nuclear weapons dealers, FBI agents, and a homeless man named Puggy (Jason Lee) with an affinity for Fritos. Just about the only thing that's disappointing about this flick is its lack of skin! There's some great cleavage from Rene Russo, a couple of nice shots of Zooey Deschanel's booty in tight pants, and an amazing look at Sofia Vergara in a skimpy nightgown as Stanley Tucci licks her feet! That's going to cause some big trouble for all the foot fetishists out there for sure!