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Besuch aus Bangkok

Besuch aus Bangkok (2001)

Brief Nudity


Besuch aus Bangkok (2001), or Visit from Bangkok, was a made for tv German comedy about three old friends who took a trip together to Bangkok twenty years ago. Now a twenty year old man shows up at their door, claiming that one of them is his father. One of the men is a successful judge and decides to use his skills to determine which of them is the father, though over time, all three grow fond of the boy, and all claim to be the father at some point. It's a story full of mix-ups and mis-rememberances.  Sabine Vitua turns up the heat in the film as the judge's wife. We get a good look at Sabine's shimmies as she rides her man reverse cowgirl on the bed, though the shot is too dim to make out anything else. We also get another good look at her lobbers as she lays in bed next to her man afterwards. Katharina Meinecke is also on hand, and though she doesn't get nude, we do get to see her in a lacy, almost see-thru black bra that reveals some nice cleavage. Visit from Bangkok will have you bangin' your cock!