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Berlin Station

Berlin Station (2016-2017)

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Epix's Berlin Station follows Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage), a CIA analyst turned field agent, as he heads to Berlin to find out who is leaking information to notorious whistleblower Thomas Shaw. This mysterious, unknown, Edward Snowden style figure has already gotten a few spies in serious trouble thanks to his revelations, which could only have come from within. Enter Miller, the American outsider who is aided by veteran agent Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans). The two do their best to uncover the leaker before he brings ruin to our intelligence agency. Season two ditched the leaker plot for a German far right political group that Miller needs to infiltrate to prevent a terrorist attack, while season three was all about a Russian uprising in Estonia that was supposed to destroy NATO, but was pretty far from being an organic, ground up movement. Even bringing in Ashley Judd couldn't save this one from getting the axe after the third season, with the show's run beginning in 2016 and ending in 2019. It's a shame this one never caught on with fans, because Berlin Station was always good for some premium cable bation. At one point in the spy thriller, we spied with our little eye Caroline Goodall lying in bed sans clothes, though you can't see much! The same can't be said for the ass of Zahra Ahmadi as she rode a fella, Jarah Marie Anders' T&A as she took it doggy style before a dude with a gun burst in and spoiled the fun, Joanna Kitzl's cans as a hooker sure to please your Weiner schnitzel, or Fernanda Diniz's perkies as she stood topless in front of a window. Those are some A-plus titties to see for our CIA agent! Throw in Mina Tander in her undies, Camilla Nowogrodzki as part of a bikini wearing gaggle of girlies and more, and it's shocking anyone changed the station when it was time for Berlin Station