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Bereavement (2011)

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The maniac from Malevolence (2004) gets his back-story fleshed out in the prequel Bereavement (2011). Malevolence was all about a bunch of bank robbers who wind up holding a family hostage, only for a local serial killer (Jay Cohen) to show up and start slaughtering everyone. This one in set in 1989, where young Martin Bristol (Spencer List) is an orphan with a rare condition that prevents him from feeling any pain. This genetic abnormality makes him a target for the local serial killer Graham Sutton (Brett Rickaby). But the madman doesn’t want to murder Martin, he wants to raise him as a son, and teach him how to be a killer. For five years Graham keeps Martin captive at his slaughterhouse, bringing in woman after woman and killing them to teach his protege how to slay. Young Allison (Alexandra Daddario) has just moved to Minersville, and after noticing Martin in the slaughterhouse window ends up Graham's newest captive. When she escapes, Graham and Martin pursue her. But will Martin side with his captor, feel bad for Allison, or kill them both? Alexandra Daddario's legendary double D's wouldn't make their debut until True Detective in 2014, but we do get to see her looking absurdly busty in a white tank top that shows a ton of cleavage. There's even a great shot where she's in a meat locker and things are quite nippy. Aside from those phenomenal funbags, the good news is that this horror movie shows some real hooters. The bad news is that they are covered in corpse makeup while Shannon Lambert-Ryan poses as a dead body in that same freezer. We’re certainly scared stiff! Valentina de Angelis is another victim, though we only get to see her in her undies while being tortured by Graham. There's one more flick in the trilogy, but Alex isn't in film number three. Because of that, this is the one you want to see! Staying soft watching Alexandra Daddario bounce all over the place in Bereavement would be one remarkable achievement!