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No One Lives

No One Lives (2012)

Brief Nudity

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A group of predictably toothless and terrifying rednecks get a whole lot more than they bargained for in the slasher flick No One Lives (2012). Produced by WWE studios, a mysterious man known only as Driver (Luke Evans) and his apparent girlfriend Betty (Laura Ramsey) appear to be easy prey for a group of hillbilly criminals when they stop for dinner at a roadside steak house. But after Betty dramatically and unexpectedly kills herself in the middle of their attempted kidnapping, and the robbers discover a kidnapped fourteen year old girl in the trunk of his car, the highwaymen and highway ladies realize they might have robbed the wrong guy. But while they're cool letting him go and pretending none of this ever happened, Driver's going to have his revenge on the criminals who made a pivotal mistake when they tried to make him their newest victim. Driver doesn't like to leave any survivors, so you can guess the rest from the title. But if you're looking to see what these crooks' sex lives look like, fast-forward to the 8-minute mark to see Laura's Ramsey mamseys as Driver pulls the old "let me see the scar on your stomach" trick so that she'll take her towel off. Slick! Thanks for kicking our sex drive into overdrive, Driver! A little later and we were feeling pretty patriotic thanks to a a nice look at America Olivo's T&A as she gets brutally slaughtered in the shower. Throw in some undie shots of Lindsey Shaw and Adelaide Clemens, and no one can resist the women of No One Lives.