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Bel Ami

Bel Ami (2012)

Brief Nudity

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A seductive tale of pretty boy privilege, a young man goes from rags to riches by bedding a series of influential women in the un-costumed drama Bel Ami (2012). In the film that was based on an 1885 novel, Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) is a broke former soldier who is living penniless in late 1800's Paris. When he runs into an old friend (Philip Glenister) he knew from his time in the military, he's introduced to the world of the well to do Parisians, including the man's rich wife Madeleine Forestler (Uma Thurman). Georges is jealous of his friend’s newfound fortune, but when his advances toward Madeleine are eventually spurned, she instead sets him up instead with her married friend Clotilde de Marelle (Christina Ricci). Wish we had friends like that! But Georges is not happy with just one sugar-mommy, so soon enough he's hopping into bed with Virginie (Kristin Scott Thomas) and seeing if any of the rich men he hangs out with have a younger daughter looking to walk down the aisle. From a sweet gig at a newspaper to a fancy new apartment, every woman he takes to bed is willing to help him move up in the world. But making all sorts of high society Parisians wear the horns of the cuckold is not a good recipe to live until you're good and old, so it's only a matter of time until Georges ends up in bed with the wrong dude's wife. We can think of a whole lot worse ways to get rich than railing Christina Ricci! We see Christina's cans both when she lies on Georges bed topless, as well as when she tries out that bed's springs during a one one one fling. Those things will make you Swell Ami!