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Behaving Badly

Behaving Badly (2014)

Brief Nudity

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The comedic sex romp Behaving Badly (2014) follows the sex-obsessed, socially awkward high schooler Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) as he goes out of league by setting his horn dog sights on Nina (Selena Gomez), the most popular chick in his high school. Of course, Rick doesn’t stand a chance with Nina, especially when he must contend with her crazy ex-boyfriend Kevin (Austin Stowell), his suicidal mother Lucy (Mary-Louise Parker), his philandering father Joseph (Cart Elwes), and his best bud’s (Lachlan Buchanan) oversexed, cleavage-happy mother Pamela (Elizabeth Shue). To make matters worse, Rick and Nina are quite the opposites: he is a degenerate and she is borderline saintly. But this notable difference in personalities isn’t going to stop Rick from going after his dream girl, especially considering he has a $1,000 wager with his mob-connected classmate (Nate Hartley) that says he can bang Nina by a set date. Will Rick and Nina hook up? Who cares. It looks like horniness runs in the family, because Rick’s lil’ sis Kristen (Ashley Rickards) is a star dancer at the local strip club, but her star burns out when she just bares cleavage. It’s Karrie McClaine that heats up the club with her rack-baring performance. Also, Mercy Malick also serves up some right boobage during an awkwardly sexy scene. Add some steamy cleavage from Heather Graham and Mary-Louise Parker, and the women of Behaving Badly will have you behaving badly with yourself!